How the Faith was born

In order to understand how the Faith was born we should feel the Creation (in Russian sounds like «Mirozdanie» which means the accommodation of the World), for many people it is now unattainable. But I’ll start my story with the past.

A human appeared on the Earth as an intelligent species, certainly he understood and knew where he had come from and where he would go. You do know your parents. But you don’t remember your great-great-grandfathers and great-great-grandmothers, perhaps, you make records of your bloodline but till some generation.

Thus, first people knew their parents, those who had given bodies to them and they knew rules of life what to do and what not to do in order to live. I just want to ask you not to mix it with biblical paradise, it was about the incubator of one god, but people were already on the Earth that time.

Well, people knew the rules of life and knew the Darkness because they had emerged from it, thus, they had to get knowledge about the Light which is in Russian language indicated with syllable «RA» and its touch of the Earth is indicated with «RAZ». That’s why we start our count which is after zero (oval means the Initial or Darkness) with RAZ (means «one» in Russian language) or with Odin (Scandinavian tradition). Thus, circle or oval is the symbol of the Darkness and the dot inside it symbolizes the birth of Light RA, remember the astrological symbol of the Sun.

But let’s be consistent as this will be the theme of a separate article. The knowledge about RA is called Faith… as you see, there are no gods and religions in it. Thus, the Faith was born, as the Life itself!

But In the course of events it was necessary to control people because different states appeared with management systems and religion became the most productive management system. Religion let issue the laws and in order people obeyed the laws, they were assigned to the spiritual sphere, it let equal religion to spirituality. Holiness no longer meant special learning of the Light in global and they began to relate holiness to the cross of suffering in the name of some religion.

After some time the word «Faith» was firmly stuck to all religions and the believer was not a person who believes in Light, that is Life, but a person who belongs to some religion.The substitution of concepts went without a hitch, and people believed it. Indeed the Faith is the Life but names of many religions are hidden behind it.

The Faith faded away from the Earth. The Light as the aspect of birth and Father power was lost forever. The Darkness as the Mother (in russian langauge these two words have the same letter code MAT’ -mother, T’MA — darkness) was associated with evil thanks to religions. Thus, Mother power was lost too.

The Faith mired in the depths of centuries, and at present religions are firmly established on the Earth. But reviving the Life and knowledge which let us live but not exist, we should remember the Faith in its initial sense, without religious colouring. The Faith can not be of different kinds, it is just the Faith and it is the only one for all of us!

True-Faith Mother, Alena Polyn

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  • smile
    17.02.2020 at 22:30

    I’ve always wondered why we often say «RAZ» instead of «ODIN». Now, thanks to Alena, everything is clear. I haven’t read the Bible, but I remember when they started talking about the Old Testament at literature lessons at school, I immediately noticed that if Adam and Eva were the first couple on the Earth, then what kind of people they had gone to live with after they banishment from Eden. Now I know that zero is a symbol of the Darkness. It seems to me that even religious fanatics who «protect» religions so ardently, remaining alone, looking into their own souls, perfectly understand the futility of the present state of things, to which religions have led. They’re just afraid to admit it out loud, it’s like being naked in front of a crowd. But Faith has come and is spreading. Hurray!

  • maura
    18.02.2020 at 08:43

    This is a very important information which makes people think over everything they new before! Christian religion became the most powerful brain washing structure in the world! Thank you for reviving the true Faith and revealing of the true face of the religions!