How the Man Lost Individuality

For many years, the man has been persuaded that he is nobody. His only duty is being like everyone and acting the way the system dictates: first go to the nursery school, then to the secondary school, enter an institute, join a company, retire, and then just die. That’s all, end of the life.

Personal individuality and personal dreams are not mentioned at all. Everyone spends the same period of Time for studying. The system does not mind whether you are a fool or a clever one. Smart slaves are not needed.

The established system also specifies the history of the mankind. It dictates that the man must sacrifice his Life for the sake of the country otherwise he will be considered a traitor to the motherland. The system dictates what you should believe in, what you must not believe in. The system penetrated into the people’s thinking so deeply that people don’t and are not able to think otherwise. Non-standard thinking is condemned and dangerous.

The basic human values such as love and health are devaluated. There is no Time for them as the man must either work or study for the sake of the country. As for the finance aspect, wealth is considered as disgraceful. That’s the way of Life in which most of people survive. Let’s recall who we are.

You are not born to suffer as is dictated by the religion which was established by people for ruling, you are born to live. To live means to create whatever you wish. To live does not suppose you are to die for the sake of the motherland, to live means to create for the sake of the motherland. To live means to take care about love, health, and money.

How to do that if you do not have anything? How to regain everything that belongs to you by birth on the Earth? The answer is Vera* (Faith). Vera teaches how to do that. Vera reveals things of which you have no idea.

I repeat once again, Vera(Faith) and religion are two different concepts. If you thoughtfully read my articles on the Vera web-site, you’ll understand what I mean.

* In Russian, Vera (Eng. faith) is written as ‘Вера’, ‘ве-Ра’ /’verʌ/. The word stems from ‘ведать’ — to know and ‘Pa’ — the Ra Light. Vera/VeRa means knowledge of the Ra flows.

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  • starcom
    10.01.2022 at 08:48

    The system likes biomass, it is easy to control. The system wants us to be all the same and it is horrible, it is a dead-end. If we want to change our lives, we need to review the main streams of the system, such as religion, education, making a living, holidays and of course our personal actions and style of Life. It is not easy to change what we got used to, but we should do it for the future of our kids, human Kin and Mother Earth!