Сотворение мира

How the World was created

It’s impossible to describe everything within one article. But gradually I will reveal you the mystery of yourselves. Living without any understanding where you’ve come form and where you’ll return is so strange.   

Religions which are present on the Earth describe some God coming at the time when people already existed (you can read sacred texts attentively to see this) and it means that the God hasn’t created people though religious people are sure that they were created by the God worshiped in their religion. That’s why in this article we won’t discuss any religions created for various purposes. We’ll speak about Faith, the Faith existed before religions and used to have a different meaning, it was not created by people, the Faith teaches how to comprehend Ra. In various traditions Ra is the God of the Sun and is worshiped not randomly. The Sun is the source of energy, the SunLight reflects from other planets and is absorbed by human bodies. But Ra is not the God of the Sun though people are likely to give a form to any notion and then worship it. Ra, the One is the initial God, but not in the form of a human being. It’s the initial energy. In Scandinavian tradition there is the God Odin whose name means the One in some Slavic languages. The Initial God is the Light touching the ground, the Ra light gets the form and gives life to all beings. The Life on the Earth starts with Ra. The rest was created by people. As the people are not aware of the Ra energy sources they can’t get them, consequently the living without energy brings illnesses, suffering and turns into existence. The Faith is the Faith, it shouldn’t be taken for any religion. The Faith is absolutely different. A human being has lost his Faith and was looking for something to believe. I don’t ask you to believe my words blindly, as I can cite prophets and texts. I want you to see and feel what I’m talking about. Check it out, feel the words. The Faith as the comprehension of Ra is only One on Earth, there cannot be varieties of Faith as we all live on One planet under One sky, independently on nationalities. I hope you see what I mean as you’ve found this article. It means you are ready to go from lies to truth. The truth is also One for all, there cannot exist varieties of truth.

Faith Conductor, Alyona Polun

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  • elisabeth_rose_balashova
    21.08.2019 at 22:34

    Yes, religions have turned humans into miserable creatures. So sad.

  • inna_frauscher
    01.09.2019 at 14:08

    I do agree, that the faith is one for everybody and it is universal ,somebody cannot be worse only because he or she belongs to another nationality ,country ,religious or whatever. It is even funny to hear when some so called enlightened preachers state their religious views be the only truth and do not tolerate any other opinion. Usually I do not argue, it does not bring anything especially when I talk to a fanatic.

  • smile
    15.02.2020 at 23:53

    Very interesting and informative article. And everything is clear. It turns out that proper interaction with planets/ luminaries is vital for a person. Apparently, modern astrology was invented to lead people away from the correct interaction with the planets once again. It turns out that a person can positively influence his life with the help of correct communication with the luminaries and planets. Thank you, Alena, for your knowledge and Faith!