How to be filled with Earth energy

Mother Earth guides us, feeds us and gives us Life. Yes, our body cells are undoubtedly being built daily and all these are by using the resources of Mother Earth. Earth energy gives us health, shows us the right ways, and gives us housing and family. All this and much more comes to us from the Earth. The ability to be saturated with the energy of the Earth allows us to stay grounded. An ungrounded person feels anxiety and is chaotic in his actions, and is also susceptible to diseases.

You are well aware of some techniques of gaining Earth energy: walking barefoot on the Ground, wearing long skirts for women, planting plants (even at home in pots). By the way, when planting, you additionally get the energy of the Tree. Read the article about the energy of the Tree.

But in special cases, when you are not able to find your way in life, create a family and get your own housing, and have health problems as well, you need to turn to Mother Earth in particular.

Put your hands on the Earth, try to feel Her breathing and merge with it in unison, then ask in your own words what is important for you. A handful of living Earth (not from the grave) carried in your sock in your pocket will help to gather additional energy of the Earth.
Picking up any fruits from the Earth, no matter edible or not, you are filled with the energy of the Earth.

In winter, the energy of the Earth is not particularly active, so it is recommended to engage in indoor floriculture.

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