How to celebrate the New Year properly

Today we will talk, perhaps, about the most fabulous and kind family holiday, of course, about celebrating the New Year.

Did everyone immediately smell the pine needles and tangerines? This is called an associative flow. Today, many people are wondering how to properly celebrate the New Year. What to wear for the New Year and how to set the table for the New Year. People seek and find conflicting advice.

Each year is a 12 month step in Time, with its own numeric code. All people expect that something will be better in the new year than in the old one. In ordinary life, a person lacks joy and magic, and the New Year compensates for this lack.

Joy is to give the essence of Ra, of course, joy is with people who receive the currents of the Luminaries. So, in order to attract the currents of the Luminaries to the Earth and to himself, a man decorated his house and himself. Decorate is “ukRAshat’” in Russian. U – to adjoin, K – to move in relation to someone, Ra – Currents of the Luminaries. That is, decorating himself and the house, a person on an unconscious level attracted the Currents of the Luminaries that were missing in other days, and the state of the holiday arose thanks to the acquisition of these currents. When the currents of the Luminaries fill the Earth in large quantities, more than usual, a desire for magic is formed, and all this happens in the Soul and consciousness of a person at the genetic level. Even the most stupid and ignorant people, who do not understand anything in the universe, feel the holiday and magic. If we thoughtfully and consciously approach the New Year’s holiday, we will understand how to meet it properly.

How to celebrate the New Year properly?

  1. Be sure to decorate your home. Bright toys symbolizing wealth, love and health. Three main aspects of the life of an ordinary person. This is exactly where we will direct the currents of the Luminaries to make the next year happy.
  2. We decorate ourselves, of course. Dress up however you like.
  3. Of course, we decorate the tree.
  4. The New Year’s table should also be decorated.

Learn more about how and why to decorate a Christmas tree.

How to decorate a Christmas tree?

The source of the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree lies in the distant past, no, not under Peter and the establishment of such a holiday as the New Year, from 31 to 1 with the decoration of the Christmas tree. It all started much earlier.

New Year was celebrated on other dates. The New Year was symbolized by Spring because it began the cycle of birth in the Time Wheel, and Life itself began from the vernal equinox. The tree, of course, was decorated, that tree was generic. That is, each Kin had its own Tree, which was decorated for the New Year.

The top symbolized the connection with Heaven, divine help from the Luminaries. By the way, in religions they still address Heaven, thinking that there is their religious god (genetic memory could not be killed), and so, there is not a religious evil mythical inquisitor and zealot, but our Luminaries. It was the Star at the top of the Tree that symbolized the connection with Heaven, when the tree became large, of course, the Star could no longer be hung.

The middle of the tree is you and me, people who live and are well. This area was decorated with goodies in order to attract an abundant good Life.

Under the tree – the world of ancestors, and therefore there … that’s right, gifts were put there. Deliciously prepared dishes were the gifts.

As you can see, the tradition of the ancestors was preserved but changed. Thoughtfully decorating a Christmas tree, or maybe not a Christmas tree, but the Family Tree, you can regain your roots and create magic improving your Life consciously. An important condition is that the tree must not be cut down. That is why the artificial tree symbolizes a living tree and does not die. A dying tree will take everything from your family. Pay attention to how a large old spruce is put up in Moscow every year, killing it, and, dying, the tree takes joy from human Families. Of course, if everyone begins to do good thoughtfully and for his Kin, the energies will change, and soon instead of a dead tree, a living Tree in Moscow will be decorated, which, by the way, can be chosen in each city, like the magic Tree of a particular city. I think it will be so someday. After all, of course, we will come from evil to good.

How to set the New Year’s table properly?

Of course, there should be candles on the table, candles at the holiday attract warmth into the house, in the literal and figurative sense. Lighting candles symbolizes the Heavenly Fire of the main Luminary – the Sun. It was the Heavenly Fire that was kindled by those people in the Faith who still honored their Kin, understood the connection between Heaven and Earth, and there was not yet the horror of bloody religions. Today even religions light candles, of course, no longer remembering where the tradition came from. Fruits on the table symbolize luxurious Life, sweets – sweet Life.

Having met the New Year properly, you will spend it properly. Knowing the path of Ra is what means properly. And knowing the currents of the Luminaries, which are called Ra, you will become healthier, loved and richer.

Faith does not call for suffering, poverty and enduring. Faith speaks of the joy of Life that a person is given by the right of birth. That many years ago religions took away, taking a monopoly on life and death. Today each of you can start a New Time – the Time of Joy. Take back ancestral traditions, family values, teach children to rejoice and explore the world, lift their heads up, there is Great Heaven.

Touch, look, the Wonderful Earth under your feet, all this greatness was not created by a religious god, no religion knows anything about the universe, for they are all for enslaving people, and all “holy” books contain calls for reprisals against non-believers, cruel scenes because they are written by people, not by God.

Returning Faith to yourself, you become a person, not a slave. A person is an image (about God Raz) given to you to interact with the Earth. New Year is Time to Start Living. And let it now pass as a social holiday in Winter, the numerological code of the year is changing. Let’s start the New Year in a new way, outside of slavery.

I gave you the key, open the fold. Go free. Joy and happiness to you!

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  • lagerthaeng
    05.01.2021 at 16:34

    In Europen countries, New Year is always celebrated loudly, with lots of alcohol and yelling. Almost nobody celebrates NY home with family as that is supposed to be done on Christmas. So most of people divide two holidays — Christmas is to celebrate with family at home, New Year is to celebrate with friends getting drunk and into troubles.

    But once you try to celebrate it other, the right way, you will understand that there is no better way for you and your family then to spend the night when you greet the new year, at home, with your family, without drinking alcohol and drunk «friends».

    I would advise to invent some games, family rituals, in our family it is a «saying goodbuy to the dreams that did not become true in last year» — each family member writes it on his paper, birns it and lets the ash flow away from the window with the farewell words.
    Then you can create «new dreams» or new airms and plans for the upcoming year, write it on paper and draw them (first step for materialization), then put all the family papers with wishes together in one small basket on the kitchen table and say some special words for it.
    There are many rituals you can create for yourself inside your family, so the celebration will be vivid and bright.
    All the information is given by Alena Polyn and with those knowledges it is easy to creat new traditions and built a succesful year for the whole family.

  • maura
    13.01.2021 at 00:26

    New Yesr is one of the most powerful days for building the whole year as you wish. But many people simply copy the traditional actions unconsciously! Thank you for giving right directions of how to celebrate this holiday! I’ll follow your recommendations with pleasure!