How to fill up yourself with the energy of Water?

Let’s talk about Water or, to be precise, about the power of Water and its potential.

The energy of Water gives relaxation, cleansing and good sleep. Like any other excess of energy, it can be harmful, for sure, and cause a state of tearfulness and even depression.

When do you need the energy of Water?

If you are fussy all the time, if you get hot often, and you even sweat while doing routine things, if you have anxious sleep. The energy of Water should be combined with the energy of Tree. See the article about Tree.

How to gain the energy of Water?

At home, the power of Water is transmitted through an aquarium, a decanter with Water. Also, of course, through Water drinking, bathing or at least taking a shower.

How to purposefully gain the energy of Water?

Draw Water into a beautiful transparent container, dip your fingertips into it, close your eyes and, while taking a soft breath, imagine that you are inhaling the pure power of Water that washes your body. Water should be at a comfortable temperature.

Natural sources of Water: waterfalls, seas, rivers and lakes also give energy, but remember, you need to choose clean sources. By the way, swimming is not obligatory, sometimes it is just enough to stand and look at Water.

If you feel sad and want to cry, the energy of Water won’t suit you. But with the fuss, anxiety and bad sleep, it will be very useful.

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