How to get rid of loneliness?

Suffering of loneliness, a person feels unnecessary and then falls into depression, alcohol addiction and other negative programs.

A man feels bad when he is alone, he needs somebody by the side. This somebody could be not comfortable and not warm person but could be accepted because of fear of loneliness. When a man is lonely and can’t find anybody who will break this lonleness, he throws himself into sects and religions where he gets the illusion of love which he is lack.

How dangerous is the loneliness?

It is very dangerous. A man is created as a part of social system for interaction with his own kind and others. That’s why the suffering of lonleness often leads to mental disturbance. The problem is also that sects and religions pretending to participate in a person’s life, suck the energy like vampires from such person searching for love and warmth.

What to do?

The Earth feels everyone who steps on it. So, learn how to interact with Her.

Tell me who of you asks the Earth for help in solving the problems? Who asks the Earth to give a family?Do you know that the the Earth is able to get rid of loneliness.

May there be no lonely people in the world anymore. Share this article, answer my questions and soon we will talk about how to appeal to the Earth. Don’t forget to subscribe on new articles. I do not send advertising but tell you about the most important things for living!

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  • maura
    21.03.2020 at 16:36

    Fear of loneliness is one of the most widely spread among people now! Sesrching for support people try to find it in religion. Religion may create the illusion of help and will take high price. Thank you for reminding about our Mother Earth, who is able to help to get rid of loneliness!???

  • smile
    12.04.2020 at 12:03

    I’ve never asked Earth before. I feel a sense of inner loneliness almost all the time. I should try to ask the Earth for help to find interesting and congenial people to communicate in the area where I live. Although, I often have a wish to to change your place of residence. Thank You for your knowledge.