How to get rid of poverty

How to get rid of poverty

There are a lot of causes of human poverty, starting from your Family resource to your renunciation of money. And many in this regard are afraid of poverty, which make the situation even worse. Thus, we are mentally building up our future which will be bad.

Let’s start with one of the main causes of poverty. Did you renounce money? Think carefully before answering. If you entered any religion, then you definitely renounced money. Read all about your religion, you’ll find many proves of it. For example, Jesus clearly said that you need to renounce from acquired property and money (more precisely, give it to the Christian community, now the Russian Orthodox Church), as well as from relatives (this is another topic we’ll talk about).

In general, entering into religion, you agree to be poor, you renounce money.

So, if you enter religion, you have already renounced money, not even wishing it. You asked me what about rich religious people? There will be a separate article about it, they invest their money in the development of religion, if you do not have such money, there is no use from you, that’s why they’ll take away the last from you.

BEDNOST’ (poverty) , do you hear the word «BEDA» (trouble) distinctly in this word? Yes, poverty is a disaster, and no other way.

Bogatstvo (wealth) comes from Bog (God), it is also heard in the word. But from what God? Obviously not from the religious one. From the Power of Light Currents of Raz and Forefathers. How much do you know about it? I’m sure that nothing. And about whether it is possible to attract money and how to do it right, too.

Returning from religion to Faith, a person becomes rich both materially and spiritually. The fear of poverty no longer haunts him, because he now manages to raise money.

The choice of each person is determined by knowledge. You did not know and renounced money, and now 7 generations may have financial problems. I give you knowledge, and this is the greatest gift, because knowledge changes life.

Now think it over and answer the question: Are you ready to attract money and accept them in your life? Are you ready to leave religion and come back to the Faith? If yes, I’m waiting for you.

Krashenie will bring back what belongs to you.

And I will tell you what your soul will be able to remember and then you will understand how a great deception has deprived you of everything. In this article we considered only money, but I will also tell you about health, love and, of course, spirituality.

Start learning the Truth

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2 комментария

  • maura
    29.01.2020 at 14:35

    Alena, you are the first who told me that to have money is not bad, that earth goods and wealth is what we, people, deserve! Thank you so much for breaking the false concepts of life!

  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 11:45

    I have never been in religion, but I’ve got some blocks. As they say «If you live among wolves you have to howl like a wolf «, and it turns out that when all the people around you are conventionally religious and stuffed with settings to poverty since their birth, you certainly succumb to their influence, especially in a state of unconsciousness. «Knowledge is Power» – are not simple words. I’ve always thought that there is no unnecessary knowledge. All the knowledge that has ever come to me, became actually applied in one or another period of my life. As for the knowledge that I get from the site «Faith», it is amazing! And I can’t stop being happy that I’ve met you, Alyona. Thank you!