How to meditate correctly

To answer the question of how to meditate, I must explain: what is meditation, what is it for and what is the ultimate goal? In the religion of Buddhism, meditation allows you to empty your mind of thoughts and put your mind into an observer state.The religion of Buddhism does not preach participation in life, but the observation of it.

Meditation is the clearing up of the energy through the learning of non-participation and freedom system and became the instrument of Buddhism, Hinduism and relevant teaching of Krishna’s. Nirvana — that’s what they strive for. Unlike Christians, Muslims, Catholics, and Jews, Buddhists do not seek to suffer for the sake of the kingdom of God, but to get out of the wheel of samsara (repetitive cycle of birth and death). By The Way, the religion of Judaism and its derivatives: Christianity, Islam and Catholicism deny the reincarnation.

Meditation as a phenomenon became known in Russia not so long ago, with the appearing of yoga and self-development literature on book shelves.

Meditation has got new branch such as dynamic meditation, where a person not just get rid of the thoughts, but also dance, for example.

The initial essence of meditation for clearing up the energy is the withdrawal of consciousness from the material world and its direction to where it is necessary. Consciousness is the collaborative knowledge. Thus, we get the possibility to know together with somebody. And what to know and with whom are the main things in live and in meditation.

So, How to meditate correctly?

We set the task to connect consciousness with someone. With whom? If you don’t know, it’s too early to engage in meditation. We direct our thoughts to Him and unite our consciousness with Him.

What is the danger of meditation?

To connect with the wrong Him and get penetration.
To lose the connection with Earth and lose earthly goods such as money, family, property.
As a result, meditation is not the freedom of the mind, what was implanted into a layman’s mind, but a serious work of the consciousness, thanks to which a person gets new state of the consciousness.

Do you want to practice meditation?

  • Remember that for meditation you need the following:
  • a teacher.
  • The understanding of who you connect with.
  • Ability to reconnect with the Earth after meditation.

If the chosen teacher speaks about emptying your mind of thoughts, tells you about nirvana and he is an adherent to any religion, run away from such teacher. If you don’t understand yet with whom to connect and how to reconnect with the Earth after that, wait with the meditation. Begin with the question «Who»? Who is that one with whom you would like to connect?

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  • maura
    19.01.2020 at 21:43

    Thank you for the information in this article. There was a period in my life when I also tried to practice meditation, but I had no idea where would go my consciousness, with whom it would connect, if I succeed. Fortunately, I didn’t manage to empty my mind of thoughts 🙂

  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 14:06

    It’s the first time I’ve read about what meditation really is. Thousands of people who meditate do not really know what they are doing. Especially I «like» when they say they are becoming different people. But if you look how they are doing in reality, then, as a rule, nothing has changed: they’re going on earning little, they’re not married and still have their diseases — everything remains as before. Thank you for the informative article!