How to pray to God to be heard

In this article I will bring up an important topic. Why do some people pray and are not heard, while for others, it’s the opposite? We will also discuss people who pray extensively, whether God hears them and the outcome.

Prayer is a saying and a speech usually addressed to someone energetically stronger than you. Society associates prayer with religion, where prayer is explicitly directed to a religious god.

Now let’s examine what people ask of a religious god:

1. Health.
2. Children.
3. Solutions of problems.

Tell me, if a man is a beggar, will you ask him for a million? Go to a beggar and ask him for a million; will he give it to you? He doesn’t have a million. Instead, you will go to a bank and ask for a loan.

So how can you ask for something that god does not possess from this very god?

Let me remind you, in the religions of christianity, judaism, catholicism, islam, and their offshoots, you ask a religious god.
Let’s find out his precept for you and what his strength is.

1 Sending serious diseases. (The pandemic was solicited, very well done).
2 Killing infants.
3 Sow arguments in the family.
4 Deprive you of money.
5 Deprive you of loved ones (death).

This is a minimum of harmful acts (to put it mildly) that are not hidden in the scriptures of these religions.
Your primary injunction is to suffer, to atone for your sins.
What sins?

All of them! You are a sinner by the fact of your birth. So atone and suffer. The more you suffer, the better. What’s in it for you?
You will enter the Kingdom of god in which you will be his slaves and continue to suffer no longer bodily but Spiritually. Your next incarnation will be intriguing: crippled, mentally ill, poor, etc.

When you ask a religious god for health, for example, he will either take it away from you entirely or improve it but kill your loved one. Don’t you believe it? Then try to carefully analyze the more you pray within religion, the more problems you get. It’s all apparent. Therefore a religious god hears you. It may seem to you that he doesn’t. The more you suffer, the better he hears you.
Now let’s talk about praying to a non-religious god.

We can pray to the Earth, the Heavens, our Luminary, the Planets, and the Stars.
Will they help?

You have built your body with the Earth’s resources and receive light, heat, and much more. So here you are also given without asking for it. And if you pray?

How should you pray so that God hears? Pray from the heart. But depending on which Deity you pray to, you get what you ask for.
And do not say that you have not heard my words, and do not make excuses for your troubles. The Truth is in my words, and your Soul knows it.

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