How to start living?

In this article I will tell you in detail about Krashenie, and how Krashenie brings people back to life. But I should point out right away that religious rites and vows are completely inappropriate here. On the contrary, Krashenie can release you from vows and therefore assigned burdens of life.

Let’s take a look at what Life is.

Life is when the energy, connecting with the Earth, gives birth to something divine. You may think it is about everything and nothing. Everyone will have different understanding of what I have written. I’ll try to explain it other way. Easier. A man comes to Earth for living. To live means to learn how to become a God taking the energy, given by Earth. I mean that, a man has already come here with certain abilities. Taking the energy given by Earth a man continues to develop his abilities achieving God level but not a religious one, of course (Life has nothing to do with any religion).

So how to become a God?

Learn to create new things, make discoveries, get the experience of creation physically and energetically. This whole theme is much deeper, and we will come back to it again. For achieving it, you don’t have to visit churches regularly, perform religious rites or, asking for something, give a religious vow which will be a heavy burden for you. In fact, a person interacts with the information field of Earth through his mind.

Please note that this is about the mind («razum» in Russian), not the brain («um» in Russian). Brain is the operation system of a body. It controls body functions providing our existence so that to understand when to eat, sleep, learn to walk, speak, etc., how to do it. Well, I think you grasp the idea… Brain becomes mind, which is «Razum» in Russian, only when you are capable to pass Raz («Raz» means light flows of planetary energy touching the Earth) through your body. Raz is the Initial Light God, endowing a man with this divine energy, and as a result the ability to become a God. I draw your attention again: this is not about a religious god.

Thus, in order a person can pass the light flows through his body, after coming out of his mother’s womb where he was in the Darkness, he is initiated into divine light energy of Raz. This initiation is called Krashenie, and it has nothing to do with the religious rites, cutting off the connection with the Light and the Darkness. While performing religious rites, you become lambs to the slaughter for the religious egregor.

Krashenie is the initiation into divine Light (Raz), which gives you the mind. Since then, you are no longer a bio robot, you are a human. You are given a life, which means you are ready to become a God. Do you think that the last point of your Soul development is in human body? And what comes next?

Next comes the level of God. But people come here again and again in a human body.

What does Krashenie bring into your life?

  1. Improves health.
  2. Improves financial situation.
  3. Improves relationships.

Krashenie is the rite of gaining the flows of Ra, in other words, it destroys the religious block preventing your brain («um» Rus. ) from becoming mind («Razum» Rus.). Krashenie releases you from all religious vows, oaths and seals. In my next articles I will tell you about the danger of seals, vows and oaths.

You can request for Krashenie by following the link.

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  • starcom
    18.02.2021 at 08:37

    Thank you for this article and all explanations. This is really important to understand the difference between the brain and mind, because people don’t pay attention on this significant difference. The article gave me the truly understanding of what the human can be. We can achieve a lot using our mind, we can live, not just exist. We can raise our Soul and Spirit. Krashenie is the only way to get out of religious paws and I’m really glad I did it. Thanks to this amazing rite, I have Mind and my Will, not the religious one.