Human energy field and its cleaning

Many people write about the properties of the energy field, and everyone proposes his own theory. I will not propose any theory but show you the evidence.

So the human energy field is called a cocoon, people call it an aura. The human field is formed from outgoing energy from the person and the energy coming to him from the space.

It means that the place near the human body filled with energy is the energy field or cocoon.

Properties of the human energy field are taste, color, sound, and density… Yes, there are exactly such properties in the human body. They depend on what a person does, where he lives, what he thinks about, what he eats and many other components.

The potential of the human energy field is huge. If the cocoon is powerful and dense, it is impossible to determine the quality of aura by the aura photo because the aura photo is just entertainment. Although you can see a person from an ordinary photo but only a specialist can do it, not an ordinary person. Energy cleaning of the chakras is quite common, but we should first understand what the chakras are and how they work.

In Russian the word “chakra” sounds like “chara”, hence the derived words “charm”, “cast a spell”. The charas of a person gains energy and spread it throughout the human body. Where are they getting energy from? From the external environment.

But there are two problems:

  • The environment itself. Not everywhere is there a lot of energy.
  • Disabling charas from work.

Each chara takes energy from a specific source of outer space. For example, the upper one takes energy from Ra – from the Heavenly currents. The light and currents of the Sun, passing through all the planets, enters into us … but bad luck, there is the chara closed by a cap of religion. You can clean it, you can open it – all to no avail. The charas works harmoniously, and therefore, if the upper one does not work, then all the others will barely work.

This is how the main thing – Life – is lost.

Everybody chooses for himself. Someone decides that the state of suffering is very good and gives his life to slaughter a religion. Such people have an energy field that smells of fat and dampness, their shoulders are drawn forward, their head is pressed down, their hair hangs in tow, they prefer gray clothes and feel comfortable in the state of a victim or a slave.

The potential of the energy field is your opportunity in the world. Therefore, it is very important to know yourself, your will and spirit.

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  • maura
    13.02.2020 at 15:17

    Alena, thank you for this article and explanation of a human cocoon (aura)! Thanks to you, I passed Krashenie and got rid of the cap of the religion! I continue to study your articles and knowledge in order to reinforce my energy field.

  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 10:41

    Thank you for the informative article. I hear about chakras almost every day and from everyone. It turns out that people don’t even know what chakras are. I will be happy to continue reading the information on this topic. I’m looking forward to the next articles.