Hurray! Lets celebrate Easter! or not Easter?

With regard to multiple requests I’m writing an article on celebrating Easter for those who have painted eggshells and baked kulich (easter ceremonial bread) for many years in pious believe, that they celebrate the holiday of the resurrection of Jesus.

And right now, having seen the truth, these people are asking:

— Should we paint eggshells or this tradition is not worth following?

So, let’s figure out what kind of holiday Easter is.

The Christian religion, originating from the Jewish religion, faced a number of corrections in order to become convenient and after transforming the torah in an old testament (sorry, I cannot write these books names with a capital letter), Pesach was renamed to Easter.

Passover is a holiday of the exodus of the Jews from Egypt, when the Jewish god was fed with sacrifices of all Egyptian children (not to mention killed animals). All the children of the Egyptians were killed, all tortures during murders were not disclosed, but in order to get psychic energy children have always been tortured ever since. Today the question is widely discussed in public. A substance made from the blood of a frightened child is known to be ingested by Satanists.

Who Satanists are? Members of communities based on the Jewish religion and its branches, such as Christianity, Catholicism, etc. Wine drinking at the sacrament among Christians and ram sacrifices among Muslims have the same origin. All these rituals are various sides of the same teaching.

Passover came to us with the name ‘Easter’ and was unified with celebration of Wheel of the Year feasts and the meeting of the season of joy and harvest.

Therefore instead of sacrifice we see Easter cake, the symbol of Ur. Ur is a modern penis. And the eggs … well, you get the idea!

Hares and grass are symbols of fertility.

During this season we talk about the Sun, that became warm again, ‘resurrected’ after winter. That’s how, compiling Christianity, they decided to unite the Passover and the feast of fertility in order to increase the amount of adherents of religion.

The Sun shines brightly, we bake cakes, paint eggshells and decorate our houses with bunnies figures. Spring is coming! Lets make a lane to the Spring!

You can pray to the Sun:

“The Sun has gone from Winter,
it’s raising with the Spring,
my business and profit will raise with Him
I’m appealing to the Sun,
I’m filling the house with its warmth.
Let it be!»

You should also remember that by celebrating Easter you agree with the sacrifice of children, while you make excuses as much as you like, close your eyes and say that this is not true, there’s no way to conceal the truth!

Throw religions out of your life, return to Faith!

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