Infancy of the Soul

Our Souls have different ages, and the experience of the Soul depends on this. In infancy, Souls incarnate in different shells. And only after passing through a number of incarnations, they come in the human body. But even here it happens that Souls preserve their infancy. Such Souls don’t feel the Power in themselves and lead a person to mental problems.

Psychology is the science of the Soul. And the human psyche is a stage of interaction between Soul, Body and Mind. In addition to mental problems, immature Souls lead a person to the denial of the World through alcohol, drug addiction, leaving for sects and religions. Thus, the Soul is searching for external support or medicine in order not to see the terrible and frightening reality.

Knowing nothing about himself, a person is not able to accept his Soul, and as a result he escapes from himself. But the more a person is trying to run away from himself, the more the problem is intensifying.

How to determine that your Soul is in infancy?

  1. You run away from reality with the help of alcohol and drugs. You can make all the excuses you want calling it whatever you like: holiday, day off, relax, “everyone does this” …
  2. You are looking for external support in sects and religions. You don’t understand the Soul, its Power, and it seems to you that all issues will be resolved by some god.
  3. You don’t know what you’re living for or why and what you want to do.

These are three main points.

The Soul needs to grow up. The way of soul growing up begins with allowing yourself to accept the knowledge, not the one that have already led you to a dead end, but the true one.

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