What is intuition and why do some people have it, while others don’t?

Let’s make it clear what is Intuition and if it is possible to develope it. Intuition is the state of consciousness when it reads information from the outer space and Time the events which not always related to the owner of the intuition.

The ability to read the information was gifted to all developed souls, but a soul often renounces of its development, giving itself up to religions or other social systems of destroying abilities of a soul.

Today, many people feel inner intuition as something deep and rarely manifested, therefore, the practice of developing the inner intuition is becoming relevant.

Upon request «ways to develop intuition» the Internet will provide many variants. But let’s call things by their right names and determine what is actually intuition.

  • Clairvoyance
  • Сlairaudience
  • Clear consciousness
  • Clear sense

Everything is clear in its essence: a person clearly understands and sees what is going to happen with him or sometimes even with others. Today only chosen ones have such ability but actually all these components are inherent to everybody. A person just gave up them. For the first time disabling of the intuition occurs in a family, when they say «don’t fantasize». For the second time it happens when entering a religion (any religion). But what about the seers in religion, they were there, weren’t they? Of course, they were in religion, but these seers saw only those things which suited the egregore.

What is egregore? See. Alphabet of Faith

Does a person need the intuition?

Definitely he does, it guides and prompts, it saves.
How could be inner intuition developed?

  1. Abandon a religion, if you are still in it. Krashenie will help you to do it.
    Read about Krashenie
  2. Start paying attention to signs, to animals, birds and even the advertising boards can give a sign.

Make up your own list of signs. Omen is what was noted by people and written down. And these will be your personal omens (signs). How it works exactly with you.

For example, you buy new shoes and some event takes place. Nothing has happened? Did you follow the events attentively?

Start feeling the life, become its participant and spectator simultaneously.

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  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 10:25

    So, all things are called by their proper names. Intuition is clairvoyance, clairaudience, clear consciousness and clear sense. Indeed, very often, when something happens, the person says «I thought so. I knew it» And next time he/she does not listen to himself, but continues to follow the dogmas and foundations of the system. Now I’m always trying to listen to my inner feelings and inner voice, and this works great. Thank you for an interesting article.