It is a very well-known and at the same Time unclear concept to anyone. For most people karma is a kind of punishment. Look closely at the word. In Russian karma is ‘karman’ (pocket). It is what you have collected yourself or with someone else’s help, both good and bad.

Being born in a certain country, city and family is the result of your gathering in a past Life. If in past Life you gave your resource to religion, in present life you will be poor and unhappy. But nothing prevents you from getting bad karma in present Life as well. I mean to come to Earth to live in good conditions and give up everything in favor of religion.

Let me explain. Joining any religion is a contract of giving everything to this very religion.

If you come to a difficult family or a place where it is difficult to survive, the task is to get up from your knees and move forward, not endure. If you can’t do it, if you put your hands down, you will get nothing.

This is my karma… so what prevents you from changing it for the better, and putting the best in your pocket (‘Karman’ in Russian) for yourself and your descendants? The descendants are dependent on us. In subsequent articles I will tell you about this.

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