Lack of the Spirit

Have you ever heard the expression: “Lack of the Spirit”? I think you’ve heard. Since this combination of words has a great importance, I would like to have a detailed conversation about the lack of the Spirit with you.

Usually these words are used when a person cannot do something, or hesitates. Spirit is a subtle substance that gives energy to the Soul and, by the way, to the Body. Let me spell the word «Body» with the capital letter, and I’ll explain the reason a bit later.

Do you know the statement: “A healthy mind in a healthy Body”?The Body is a Temple of the Soul, and the Spirit creates movement in it, as in the Soul. So what causes weak Spirit?

1. Weak Kin. The Spirit scoops energy from the Kin. Physical embodiment takes most resources from the Kin. Spirit is the binder.

2. Initiation into religion. If you are a member of any religion, if you were baptized as a child, converted upon entering Judaism or Islam, etc., then your Spirit cannot give you a resource.

3. Alcoholics, drug addicts have weak Spirit.

By the way, increased cowardice, frequent illnesses, desire to deceive, betray, inability to be grateful, lack of respect for those who are higher in status than you are also symptoms of a weak Spirit.

“Lack of the Spirit” is a very significant phrase, think about it’s meaning, and hopefully it will never be applied to you.
To have stronger Spirit, you should:
Get out of religion. The rite of Krashenie is here to help you, the only sacrament that allows you to get out of religion.

Take care of your health. The Body is a Temple of the Soul. Earlier I promised to explain why the word «Body» starts with the capital letter. Body plays a major role in the growth of a Soul, in an incarnation on the Earth. Therefore, physical health directly affects the state of the Soul and Spirit. To stay healthy you need: proper nutrition, selection of dietary supplements (visit Zdravnica Polin for help), walks, massages, baths and, of course, a sufficient physical activity with individually tailored exercises.

Pay attention to your interaction with the World. This includes relationships with people, animals, and creation of events. Yes, situations are created by you. The only question is whether it happens consciously or not.
The Spirit can be trained. Make it stronger.

Your actions and even thoughts affect the Power of your Spirit.
Think about how fair, honest and grateful you are?
For now, I will leave you with your reflections on the topic «Lack of the Spirit».

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