Learn to trust the world

Quite often we can hear the expression «Trust the world». Should one trust the world? We should decide what we mean by the word «World». Does the world presuppose only the Earth or the whole Universe?

Remember the song «This world is created not by us»It was not created by us, we do not know it, and how could we trust to someone we don’t know?

But on the other side, we are part of this world. Thus, being a cell of a single organism we can’t but trust the world, which is the very organism.

It turns out that in order to trust the world we should study the Universe. What will we obtain by trusting the world?

We synchronize with the universe and being a part of the whole we will be able to understand and feel the world. It is difficult to study the Universe as on every stage a person comes across with religions. A confused person no longer trusts the world, he starts to believe in religious postulates which exclude nature and connection with it.

Thus, a person not trusting the world, is not able to realize his possibilities. Moreover, he has to justify his inability to actions with something and then religions come to the rescue and state that a human is worthless, he has nothing to do but serving a religious God and waiting for Death. This is how a person not trusting the world, becomes a slave of this or that religion. On the website «Vera» (Faith) I will tell you about the Universe so that you can consciously explore the world in order to understand it and become happy.

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  • smile
    12.04.2020 at 09:40

    The study of the universe is an infinitely interesting process. But the system does not want a person to be able to raise his head and think about the universe. Artificially created small routine chores/problems like midges are intrusive and consume a lot of Time. Thanks to you, Alyona, You give hope, Faith and the sense of being on Earth is realized. Thanks!

  • elisabeth_rose_balashova
    05.03.2021 at 13:10

    Knowledge about the Universe is paramount. We can understand ourselves and the purpose of our existence then.