Life forming

The change for the better begins with thoughts. We track and change our thought, then we can see changes in the environment around us.

There seems to be nothing easier than controlling the thoughts, but try to track all the thoughts and their quality during the day. Each thought takes your energy, what if it is empty or even harmful to you?

Next, what do you do during the day and why? Be attentive to the things you do. Within two weeks you will already change events (‘sobytiya’ in Russian) for the better. ‘Sobytiya’ in Russian (events) are ‘sovmestnoe bytie’ (the joint existence) of several persons, that’s how good or bad things are formed in your Life.

The algorithm is simple and complex at the same time.

Isolate all negative thoughts and actions and form positive ones.

Act, no one will change anything for you, I can only help, but everything starts with you.

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