Love for others

Give your love to all people or love everybody — this is the main message of many lectures of psychologists as well as religions. It comes together with the necessity of loving enemies.

Probably, love develops a person. Does everyone need love?

Love is a part of God’s wisdom. Faith, Hope and Love were gifted to people for living. With the right perception of these gifts people live a full life. As you see, I consider exactly Love in this article and if it is worth giving love to all people.

Love is the feeling that arises not only for a person but also for animals, plants, even for things and food. Do you consider this love is of different kinds? Of course, you do, you will say. I assure you that it is of the same kind for today. Love is the desire to posses somebody or something, that’s it. That’s why we have love for expensive cars, love for travelling and so on — all this is love.
Initially love (in Russian it is «Любовь» [Lubov’] ) meant the reunion of a human with God. L— ludi («people» in English), U — unite, b — God, О — Initial Source, V- vedat’ («to know» in English), Ь — to let the Gods’ Power inside.

Of course, my analyzing of the etymology in this manner will cause a question: how did I know that? I leave it without answer for now, I just suggest you to consider the letters of this word as the signs (about Russian word «Любовь»).

Thus, the initial concept of love was lost. Why?
Because Love transformed into desire of possessing rather than reunion in a single stream of life.

Does everyone need love?
Definitely yes!

But what kind of love?
Love for an enemy is reunion with him, and as a consequence you admit all his attacks. Thus, loving the enemy, you allow him to attack you! That’s it. I wish you love!

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  • smile
    12.04.2020 at 11:38

    I always believed that a sincere feeling of love is possible only from mother to children. As for others — only a comfortable coexistence. About » Love your enemy / illness/fear, etc.» I can only say that it is nonsense. It is especially «great» when religious people talk about it in an angry and irritated voice. Thank you for your article! As always, it is very informative and interesting.