Meeting of the Sun

Every day our main Luminary is strengthening its influence on the Earth and consequently on us.

The middle of February is obviously preparing us for Spring. Sunrises (Light of Raz) peep into our windows earlier. And we continue living in Joy.

We put bright ribbons on the windows, we look forward to Spring coming. We ring the bells and chant, looking out of the window:

«The Beautiful Sun,
Peep into my house.
Bless my home
And us (or me, if you live alone)»

Joy will inevitably come to your home. I remind you that if your apartment is closed with religious crucifixions (after a priest performing a ritual), the Sun can not enter your house.

Starting the middle of February it’s time to decorate the house with bunnies, bright eggs, spring greenery (sprout oats, for example). Well-known religious Easter cake with eggs, symbolizing Ur (does anyone else doubt it?) will take its rightful place on your table together with the fragrance of herbal tea; all this will invoke the reproduction season. Do not think about anything vulgar. Everything that is important to you can be reproduced and multiplied. For example, happiness, joy, money, health, etc.

We are waiting for Spring, and the Wheel of Time has turned towards the Sun. Everything around is waiting for birds to nest. After all, we will begin to build our own nests (fairy ones). I will definitely tell you more about this.

I wish you Joy and cheerfulness!

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