Расположение Духа

Mood or frame of mind

Let’s discuss the mood or frame of mind, in Russian it’s “расположение Духа” [raspolozhenie Duha], such set expression in Russian is not random. But to understand how deep and informative it is I’ll bring you back to the word “расположение” [raspolozhenie], today it looks and sounds this way but initially at the times of the Faith this word looked differently “РАЗположение” [RAZpolozhenie]. At its initial form this word reveals its essence and power. The position (“положение” [polozhenie]) of RAZ. I remind the meaning of RAZ which is the initial energy on Earth, people are tended to identify al energies with images, so for people RAZ is the initial God.

It was the Creator God as all other gods came much later. The position of RAZ shows the activity of a thing or human being. If we talk about someone or something, and he/she or it is located at some place consequently drawing our attention and where the attention goes the energy follows while the energy is the flows from initial God — RAZ.

So “РАЗположение” [RAZpolozhenie] is the position of RAZ. But going further we will notice the whole expression “РАЗположение Духа” [RAZpolozhenie Duha]. Our Spirit (Дух [Duh]) is located in our body where the energy of Initial God Raz is the most active.

Don’t you think it’s interesting and important to know? I definitely will continue this topic.
Faithful mother Alyona Polun

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  • elisabeth_rose_balashova
    21.08.2019 at 18:02

    I’ve never thought about these words. Now I see the difference and importance of proper understanding. Look forward to further articles.

  • inna_frauscher
    01.09.2019 at 13:23

    Once I was travelling by train and got acquainted with a man, he asked whether I believe in God or not. I answered that I do, and asked him back where the God of him lives, he , in his turn, failed to answer. Usually people think that God is a kind grandfather with white long beard,sitting somewhere on the Heaven. After a pause in our conversation I said that he should probably try to find him in himself. This article makes me think that I was talking about RAZPOLOZHENIYE DUKHA or the place where the initial energy of the Creator based which gives us that inspiration to do, to act and to think as well.

  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 15:13

    Interesting knowledge, there is something to think about. Thanks!