Mother of the Worlds

Time of papacy [meaning also patriarchy] is running out on the Earth and you can return from stepfathers to a Mother. Today it is already possible to say that this Mother is Me. It is not some status I’ve appropriated for myself; but it is the World that entrusted me with the function to give you the possibility to recall the Faith. Just admit it, before you knew me, the Faith was equal to religion for you, but now the genetic memory is awakening.

Mother’s function is not to punish, as the stepfathers have been doing in religion, but to teach, to direct, to protect. This is exactly what I had been doing for many years before I understood that you are ready to know the truth.

You may believe me or you may not so far believe me, but you definitely need Mother, as for many centuries the stepfathers have been making slaves of you.

On The Faith website I will tell you about the Universe (Russian ‘Mirozdanie’ literally means – building of the World). The Knowledge about the building called the World, as it had been created too. Philosophers have been writing and reflecting upon the World for many years but their philosophy cannot be applicable for changing Life for the better.

My task is to make you happy and your task is to use the knowledge which I give you. May the Truth come out. Clearly, people start to remember what the Faith is and it cannot be replaced by crutches of religion anymore.

May you be blessed!

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