Стихии в жизни человека

Nature’s Elements in human’s life

Let’s review the importance of Nature’s Elements in human’s life.

When we are looking at a burning candle it gives us a calming effect. We feel the sense of warmness and coziness.

The element of Fire warms us up from both the outside and the inside like an oven or open fireplace. Our liver is an analogy to an oven, the heart is a flame of Fire. But Fire that causes fires is dangerous and we’re afraid of it. If it is one and the same Fire, so how can it be so different? Warm and cozy, ruthless and dangerous.

The question would be rhetorical if this article were not be written by Me. Fire is not the same, we’re talking about the varieties of Fire.

A human is a type of being, but he/she combines many different humans, right? The same is with Fire.

As you might have guessed, the Elements of Water, Wind and Earth are not an exception.

Water is represented in a human body as blood and lymph, Wind as breath and body as the Earth.

The harmony of Elements creates a special vibration of the body, called sounding. Regular people don’t see and don’t hear it. The melody has colour as well which forms a cocoon around the human body.

But the harmony of Elements is impossible without management. The mind does this. Attention! Mind, that is lit by Light (RA).

Mind that is lit by Light (RA) in Russian language – РАЗУМ (RAZUM).

RA – Light, that touched the Earth “Z” ( Russian ЗЕМЛЯ (ZEMLIA)) is as a computer connected to the material body, starting the proper management.

Therefore we will be talking about RAZUM more.

Faith Mother, Alyona Polun

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  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 15:49

    Interaction with the elements is amazing experience, and if you realize that they are inside a person, you can truly know yourself. The harmony of the elements is the harmony of the soul and body. Isn’t that what many people want? Thank you for the informative article!