Oh my Lord, will you put your mercy on me!

“Oh my Lord, will you put your mercy on me,» such appeal can often be heard among religious people, and none of them analyzes to whom and why the appeal is directed.

The Lord is like a father as religious people believe him to be the Creator. Let’s analyze this appeal from the other side. Could you imagine yourself asking your parents to ‘have mercy on you’? Of course not! Whom one directs the appeals for mercy? To the Judge, of course!

So, the Lord is certainly not the Creator, but the Judge, who puts on trial not all, but only those who came to his court. During life and after death the flock of the religion is to be judged by the religious god who leads this religion. By the way, his ways of judgment are not hidden.

So punishments of religious god are:

  1. catastrophes;
  2. tortures, taking away relatives and friends;
  3. prison;
  4. diseases and accompanying torments;
  5. death under cruel conditions;
  6. rape;
  7. beating and more.

The Lord is notorious for sending leprosy, killing kids, it’s described in the Torah, and respectively, in the Bible and the Koran, which were copied from the Torah. In these holy scriptures we can find the tortures of hell. Isn’t anyone embarrassed by the fact that the Lord tortures his own children during their life and after their death?

We should not forget the monastery prisons. The monastery prisons were the most brutal, keeping people in the dark, sometimes even in pits, in a bent position, unable to unbend, additionally chained. A prisoner was eaten by rats and worms alive, but his existence was maintained by giving water and some food (slop), the goal was to make the prisoner go mad with terrible torments.

It was impossible for a mentally healthy person to look at the dead, twisted and mutilated bodies, but the monks observed their torments! People who pray to the god, who do monks and priests now serve? Can you see who you are begging for mercy?

Many years have passed, but still the scriptures, describing sadism, are named ‘holy’ and religious fans claim that their god is love. Why? Because religious people are forbidden to think, they all have demonic creatures settled in their mind and do not even notice that their suffering is the punishment of their god.

What religious god punishes for:

  1. you don’t spend a lot of money on religion;
  2. live a worldly life and serve the God a little;
  3. in your mind you assume that his actions are wrong;
  4. you are attending doctors;
  5. you are studying science (any of them);
  6. you are making love for pleasure;
  7. you want pleasure or enjoy life and more on.

As you can see, it is easy to punish anyone, it is even easier to punish a large number of people at once (for example, Beslan) or the whole family… In general, torments on Earth continue as long as the Court and the Judge exist together with those who are willing to chant “Oh God, will you put your mercy on us!”

If you are ready to close the door to the Court and release your life and death from the judgment, I look forward to see you at Krashenie.

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