Omens. Believe or not believe

Is it worth trusting omens or they are relics of the past? Maybe you should not be afraid of a broken mirror, spilled salt or a black cat that crossed the road?

For better understanding of this question it is necessary to delve into the gist of what is an omen.

An omen is the sign which was noticed somewhen. I mean they noticed the consequence, for example: spilling the salt is for quarrels. Thus, the omens are true, aren’t they? Then which omens do really work?

The omens which were fixed in the space and are known to everybody definitely works. And those about which you hear for the first time, are individual, that’s why it is for you to notice if they work or not.

What omens could be like?

1. Domestic. Dropping the fork is for coming of giests.
2. Natural. If a certain day is rainy, the whole summer will be rainy too.
3. Outdated. If to shoe a horse on a wrong day, the ploughing will be bad.
4. For travelling. What is allowed and what is not allowed to do in traveling and what you should be aware of.

Here is the approximate list of omens. So, how do the omens work? What is the connection between the spilled salt and a quarrel? Here is the most interesting thing. Some action causes the other action in the space, this principle is true for all magical rituals. People noticed that some actions have certain consiquances, thus, the omens appeared.

Is it worth trusting the omens? It is for you to decide, but it is necessary to notice the consistency of the events exactly in your life. Then you will notice what omens work in your life and you will be able to prevent or avoid unwanted situations or to improve them.

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  • maura
    18.03.2020 at 10:30

    It is interesting thing about omens! I also noticed that some are workable for me some are not. I try to be attentive to the signs, sometimes I can understand what they say, sometimes it is difficult to guess. Thank you for paying attention to the theme of omens?

  • smile
    12.04.2020 at 11:59

    I fully agree that the omens work, but individually for. I remember when I noticed that the falling cutlery was really a sign of someone’s arrival, when a knife fell-wait for a man, a spoon fell-then a woman, then I decided to take control of this case. And if a feminine object fell, I said «Good Luck will come», if neuter object fell «Happiness will come», etc. I got even surprised that it had started to work — no one came, but positive events happened. Logical intuition worked. ))))