Ordeal of the soul

The more I reveal the truth of life to people, the more I am surprised of how long and unceremoniously a lie led people along its curve, depriving them of everything.

The “saints” told about the sufferings of the soul after death in their writings. It became a tool of intimidation and bringing new sheep into religion (this is how people are called in religion).

According to the hagiography, two angels lead the soul along this path. Each of the ordeals (there are twenty in total) is ruled by the demons, dirty spirits trying to take the soul going through the ordeals to hell.

Demons provide a list of sins related to this ordeal (for example, for the ordeal of lie a list of acts of speaking lie is given, etc.), and angels provide a list of good deeds performed by the soul during life.

In case if the good deeds outweigh the bad ones, the soul moves on to the next trial. If evil deeds outweigh good deeds and the angels have nothing to present to justify the soul, demons take the soul to hell. When the angels provide good deeds for the justification of the soul and evil spirits recall the same number of sins for its condemnation (there is a balance), then the mercy of God wins. Sometimes the same mercy of God makes up for the lack of good deeds against the prevailing number of evil ones.

As you can see, it sounds like an awful and stupid fairy tale, it is a ridiculous description of ordeals. Then it is absurd when a person is still capable of thinking and has not completely fallen into the clutches of religion.

In fact, the ordeal of the soul can be called unrest soul.

Ordeals start when a man is alive, and this happens for several reasons:

  1. The soul of a person wants to break free from the religious cage (fears, anxiety, depression, insomnia appear).
  2. The soul of a person cannot control the body, since the energy emanating from the soul (khara) is not formed.

The reason for this may be either religion, or a very weak Family energy field (Kin).

As you can see, the main reason for ordeals is religion, entering any religion is dangerous for the human soul.

If during life a person does not know what to do, often experiences a feeling of anxiety, terrible nightmares, depression, mood swings, then something is already happening to the soul. Of course, neither a doctor nor a psychologist can help here.

Previously, there was such a thing as “soul counseling”, a distressed used to go to knowledgeable people. Such people comfort the soul and directed it on the right way for starting living again. Today, soul counseling is the action of priests against the soul, when a soul that is already sick is given to the slaughter of religion

So, if during life a person has a problem with the soul, then everything gets worse after death. The soul is swirled into the cycle of chaos, since the religious egregore still feeds on the energy of suffering even after the death of the human body.

Why do you think religion describes the ordeals of the soul and the sufferings of hell in details? Because it is religion that is responsible for the abuse of the body and soul.

Remember the inquisition and their tools of torture, monastic prisons … There is nothing more horrible in history! They talk about Hitler as an executioner, cursing his actions and deeds. But it is extremely strange to me, why people pray in the religion that tortured and is still torturing them (like Hitler never dreamed of), while Hitler is considered disgusting? Double standards are obtained.

Do you know why? Because they constantly talk about Hitler, how bad he was, but they are silent about religion, whereas people are stupid and do not understand.

The ordeals of the soul are beneficial to any religion, because it is the opportunity to continue the torture of the soul even after the death of the physical body. For this reason religions tell people that it is good to suffer, that the saints suffered as well.

Although, holiness has nothing to do with religion.

Read about Saints.

I wish you to feel your soul, and therefore yourself. Abandon religion and reunite with the Faith, because the Faith presupposes joy and life but not suffering and patience.

Happiness to you!

Read the prayer from the ordeals in the prayer book.

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