Origin of human beings

The subject and different theories of human origin are interesting to all curious people. If we do not know where we have come from and where we are going to, we basicly know nothing about ourselves.

The question about the meaning of life arises from the question of human origin and the place where humans first appeared.

In every religion and culture the beginning of life and evolution are depicted by means of allegories.

Did God create humans in his own image? If so, which God?

If we look at the Torah, the books from where the Bible and Quran originated, we understand that at the moment of the creation of humans in the image of God, people were already living on Earth. God also lived there at that moment, as described in historical books (they are considered to be holy ones).

But there’s truth hidden in the phrase “created in the image of God”.

The image is about the God called ‘RAZ’ in Russian, or ‘ONE’ in English, the very first God of light, the initial source of everything presented on Earth.

Our appearances, in other words, the way we look, depend on our creators image. Because of this people of different religions look differently. All people look differently, but the God RAZ (ONE) never changes.

What unites all humans is one divine energy of light. The very first people on Earth were people of light, people without bodies. The name of the first people was ISA, later in stories ISA became known as Jesus, Radomir and so on.

It’s not about one individual human, but about people in general, each of them has the name ISA. Today in the Russian language a human being is called ‘chelovek’ [chelo vek]. The literal translation is ‘body’ and ‘century’, the length of time that we should live in a physical body. In English ‘human’ (hu man). The ‘hu’ from ‘hundred’ and ‘man’ from ‘man’, describing once again the length of time our body lives.

When we die, our body perishes.

There’s no religion describing the true origin of human beings. Do not believe the religious fairy tales, you will not find the truth there. Religions made humans become the servants of God (even saying to you that you are the son or daughter of the God). For servants the truth is pointless, they need nothing but serve.

We all know stories about the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve lived. This story is no more than a legend and a description of the God’s incubator, the place where the first humans appeared. It was simply the incubator of the god Jahowa. Why would anyone consider this story to be a holy one? Why is this story told and re-told by all religions? The reason is simple, religions always want to control the masses.

I always remain truthful and the truth is that the Gods, that created your bodies, are your ancestors, and you are to address your prayers to them while the God which gave you the mind was called RAZ (ONE). That is the reason why in the Russian language we start to count with the numeral called ‘RAZ’ (‘one’ in English). The first letter of the alphabet is ‘A’, originally that letter was ‘RAZ’, but later on it became ‘Az’.

In the future I will tell you more about your life. I will steer you away from all religious false stories and false teachings. Otherwise you will always be a sheep (as religions call you) in the enclosure, where the shepherd stole your energy from you and your troubles started.

At this part of the article I will bring to your attention the Russian word ‘starost’ (s tarot byt), in English it’s ‘to be in the chamber’. A ‘Tara’ or chamber is an object used to hold or store things. Tara (chamber) is the place where souls go to after death.

Everything in nature has a cycle, human life has a cycle also. We came to Earth to study the material world and learn how to create and enjoy life. To reject the material world is not a sensible approach to life. Precisely saying acting this way you are betraying your ancestors.

In future articles we will talk about lots of things, about life, about death, about the sense of life and, of course, about our ancestors.

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  • lagerthaeng
    18.02.2021 at 02:25

    Thank you for this arcticle, dear Teacher! Indeed, we all live in a material world (remembered the song of a singer Madonna when was writing this)) and it is so great to hear it said out loud finally! All religions and gurus tell people to reject material world and that is made on purpose — to create obeying slaves.

  • starcom
    18.02.2021 at 09:00

    Religions were centuries-old shackles, people resigned themselves to the fact they are slaves. But now, we have chance to change our lives, stop being the slaves and get finally free of religious evil. Thanks to the information Alyona Polun’ gives us, we have an opportunity to get back to Life. Thank You, Teacher!