Raising his hands to Heaven, the man asked:

— Why is my life so bad?

He, of course, did not expect that someone from Heaven would answer him, but suddenly he heard:

— Because you don’t know how good it is.

The man shuddered and said:

— It’s not fair, I asked you every day for joy!

— Me? You have never addressed me, you are confusing me with someone.

— No, I don’t! – the man was indignant. – You’re a god?

— God? No, I am not god, I am the Power of Heaven.

— How so? Where is god?

— What god? – Heaven specified.

— God, whose cross I wear and ask for everything, he is there, in Heaven!

— God does not live with us! Your god has many faces and manifests himself among people, distributing suffering. So you asked him, apparently?

The man thought about it.

— I asked him, he created Heaven and Earth! I wear his cross.

Heaven was surprised:

— We were created by the one who was crucified, and whose dying body you wear, man?

— No, don’t be confused. – the person doubted. – Heaven and Earth were created by his father.

Heaven clarified again:

— Father of god, god, who sacrificed his son, created Heaven and Earth?

— Yes! – the man exclaimed joyfully, because he was correctly understood.

— No, man. The religious god did not create us. Neither yours, nor Jewish, nor Muslim.

— So where did you come from?

— You see, the Origin of everything gives birth to the First Light that is called Raz, he is also the first Light God, and a long cycle of the universe begins, it was not, of course, created by religion. Man, you are unhappy because you never, do you hear, never called Heaven, never addressed Earth, but asked for joy from a religious god who sacrificed his son, who wrote that you were a slave. What do you think a slave is supposed to be? Joy is to give Ra, and Ra is the currents of the Luminaries, there is not a word about them in your book about religion.

The man fell silent. And then he asked:

— Can I have joy or should I suffer?

Heaven smiled like a rainbow and answered:

— Of course, everyone needs joy. Be happy, man, and remember that you are walking on Earth and sheltering in Heaven, do not forget about us.

This is how a parable appeared. It is not actually a parable, but its essence is very deep. And you, people, address Heaven and Earth or you still appeal to the religious gods, and they punish you for your bad servility?!

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  • joker
    26.11.2020 at 13:57

    Thank you a lot for the parable! I’ve never asked christian god for anything. I asked the Universe. Now I see the point! We live on Earth under the Sky which is Heaven. We should direct our prayers properly to be happy and prosperous.

  • lagerthaeng
    05.01.2021 at 20:04

    Less and less people serve religious god nowdays, but there are still so many! We should spread the information from this web to more people to help them to become aware!