Pravoslavie (Orthodoxy)

When you say the word ‘Pravoslavie’ in Russian (Orthodoxy), the majority of people imagine either a man in a Russian shirt and a woman with a long blond braid wearing a sundress, or unhappy faces of people in a church. But neither of them is related to ‘Pravoslavie’ (Orthodoxy).

By the Russian word ‘Pravoslavie’ (Orthodoxy) the Slavs meant [pravil’no slavit’] (how to praise correctly). Of course, it is they who praise correctly, while others do not… This is the conviction of every religion.

As for Christianity, Orthodoxy was simply integrated into it, so that people were drawn to religion at the genetic level, feeling that there were so called traditions.

‘Pravoslavie’ in Russian (Orthodoxy) is [put’ Ra slavit’] (to praise the path of Ra). Ra is the energy flows of the Luminaries.

The fact is that we do not need to invent myths, doctrines, the Russian language has retained everything. There is also no need to believe in a doctrine, invented by someone, for post-death bonuses that cannot be verified in any way. We all see Heaven and understand what it is, we can even see the Luminary – the Sun, stars and planets.

So, the energy flows of the Sun, passing through all the planets, enter the top of our head, and the brain (‘Um’ in Russian) becomes the Mind (‘Razum’ in Russian), as evidenced by the Russian language as well. The flows passing through the body enter the Earth, and the Earth gives its flows in return. So a person (this has already been proven) has flow currents, which are called meridians in some systems.

So, Orthodoxy (‘Pravoslavie’) is not any religion, it is the science of Life. Flows fill the body with energy, it is important to feel them.

Let’s try to feel ourselves and the flows inside the body.

Run your hand slowly over your body. Somewhere it is cold (lack of flows), somewhere it is hot (excess of flows).

A lack of flows leads to depletion of organs, an excess of flows leads to inflammation. You can find much more information about health on the ASM website.

So, ‘Pravoslavie’ in Russian (Orthodoxy) is ‘slavlenie puti Ra’ (the praising of Ra path), in other words, interaction with the flows of the Luminaries. It grants a conscious acceptance of the flows and their distribution throughout the body. That’s why I say that ‘Pravoslavie’ (Orthodoxy) is the science of Life.

Stretch your hands up to Heaven, take a breath and look at the stars, try to fill yourself with their light.

How does it feel?

We will definitely come back to this topic.

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  • starcom
    10.01.2022 at 10:10

    It is ridiculous what religions did. They stole the words and replaced the meaning. They turned people into slaves by robbing of the true knowledge of Life.
    Thank you for revealing the Truth!!!