Prayers for the Living-Beings

Prayer during the epidemic

Prayer during the coronavirus epidemic, like other prayers during the pandemiсs, has become very popular. There was even a prayer against coronavirus vaccinations, as well as a prayer to be read right before vaccination against coronavirus. (The last one, apparently, is used in case if the first did not help). Of course, both of these prayers against the coronavirus vaccination are strange and cause laughter, but, as you know, «fear has many eyes».

Everyone saves his life in the way he can. Many people turned to religion and began to read religious prayers.

Remember that religious prayers are an appeal to god that actually sends these pandemics as God’s connivance or punishment. Many people who have already understood it see all the uselessness of religious prayers. They can give you something, but they will take even more after all. So for those who have understood this, I am giving a non-religious prayer to be recited during a pandemic.

Light a black wax candle (non-church one).


«The evil wind that walks around the world, leave my house, do not approach my dearest and nearest. As a candle burns with Fire, so Fire protects me from all kinds of bad winds, from all kinds of bad things. My words have a great power. Verily!»

Read it 9 times, warm your hands over the candle. The candle should burn out.

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