Prayers for the Living-Beings

Prayer for a safe journey

You can also call this prayer a prayer to Nicholas.

This name in Russian language means «having nothing to call own». Remember the expression “without hearth or home”? So Nicholas is the Spirit in the form of an old grandfather, traveling on the roads and helping people on the road.

Later, he became Saint Nicholas in religion, and a Santa Claus in folklore, that brings gifts for good behavior throughout the year. Santa Claus is the embodiment of two images: Nicholas and … we’ll talk about him later.

So, here’s the prayer:

Before a long journey, put white bread or a pie on the table and say:

Nicholas walks along the roads, takes troubles from travellers away.
Take evil away from me on my way, Nicholas. Indeed.

Read 9 times and leave the bread on the road.

Good luck!

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