Prayers for the Living-Beings

«Prayer for alcoholism»

I want to explain to you how the prayer for alcoholism works and in which cases even the strongest prayer for alcoholism will not help.

A person gets a negative program of alcohol addiction for several reasons:

  • Weak Soul (in previous incarnations it could already drink, commit suicide, etc.);
  • Hereditary program of alcoholism (there were alcoholics among the ancestors);
  • Curse;
  • Religious slavery, which means your being in the Christian, Catholic, or Protestant religion.

Thus, there are reasons why even strong prayer against alcoholism will not help.

A serious mistake is to read religious prayers for alcoholism, as in this case they will make the situation worse. The fact is that programs of drunkenness, suffering, poverty and disease are parts of the religious system. The more you pray, the worse it will get.

I share with you the most powerful non-religious prayer against drunkenness.

You need to read it stirring Water (tea or coffee is also suitable).

«Mother-Water, you improve the human lives and have power to heal, save (name) from drunkenness, cleanse, wash and calm the drunken zeal. Verily!»

Read it 9 times, stirring Water.

If a person is ready to get rid of alcoholism, suggest him to pass Krashenie rite and remove religious attributes from the house. And even more so, if he wears a cross without getting rid of the Christian seal, he will continue to carry his cross of alcoholism.

Remember, a new Life without alcoholism always begins with getting free from religion!

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