Prayers for the Living-Beings

«Prayer for getting pregnant»

The Power of the Kin is very important. If you can’t conceive a child, then there are problems in the Kin, so first you need to strengthen the Kin. In the next article I will try to tell in detail about strengthening the Kin. But since I have already told you about this many times, I think you know this.

Light a red non-church candle and insert it into a round white bread. Put your hands on the bread and read:

«The fertile Earth to the grain gave birth
Then this bread came along which l hold on
We’ll eat this bread of grain
For the fertility to gain

Read it 9 times.

Eat this bread with your husband. This prayer can be read either by a woman (in Russian it is pronounced as [zhenchina], which means [Chin zheny] (wife’s rank in English), or together (it is impossible for a man to read it alone).

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