Prayers for the Living-Beings

Prayer for Soldiers

At present, mothers are especially afraid for their children. Seeing the atrocities of the Ukrainians, we understand that Russia is conducting an operation to eradicate evil, dishonesty and atrocities, rather than to destroy the «Nazis. Our Russian soldiers are having a very hard time and prayer will be very helpful now. Everyone who cares about a happy future can pray for Russian soldiers.

So, a prayer for the soldiers.

Light a red non-church candle and warming your hands on it, read.

«The Red Sun has come out of the darkness, out of the clouds. The Red Sun has come out, and my candle ray has done as well. Burn, my red candle, with the power of my beautiful word. And I ask the Red Sun to illuminate the paths of the Russian soldiers, illuminate them and bring them home alive. May my word burn with fire, may the enemy of Russia have no roads. The Red Sun, help Russia, save the soldiers of Russia. Truly!»

Read 9 times. The candle should burn out. Do it during daylight hours.

All who speak the Russian language, wherever we live, we should unite in a single impulse of love and strength, to help Russia in the fight against evil.

May my words be the words of support for Russia and its soldiers. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

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