Prayers for the Living-Beings

Prayer for the health of parents

Parents are those who gave birth to the body, this circumstance is known to you even without me, and the Russian word (‘roditeli’) contains the essence. The one who creates the human body can rightfully be considered as God … No, no, something doesn’t add up, some kind of blasphemy arises. Your mind consider it a blasphemy because religious programs are in your head, and nothing of yours is left there. God created a human in the image of God Raz who is a pure Light, and likeness is about the body. We will talk about the origin of a human with you in another article.

Let’s go back to parents. According to the rules of the energy flow, children cannot help their parents, but parents guide their children for all their lives. Energy flows from parents to children, not the other way around. I’m not urging you to leave your parents without physical or material help (for if the Kin is weak, they will need it), but I am just talking about understanding of the energetic processes.

I will Explain with examples:

If you pray for your parents in any religion, then your energy does not go to them. The flow of the energy, as I wrote above, goes from your parents to you, and at the end you can get the opposite effect. By the way, the same laws are relevant for magic: you must not perform magic work for your parents, and any religion considers that magic and prayers are the same thing.

Why are there prayers for the health of parents in the prayer book? It’s quite simple: what is in demand is offered. On the website “Faith”, I disclose the Truth to you and the Truth breaks dogmas set up for you by society and religions (now society is integrated with religion).

How to pray for the health of parents and is it necessary to pray for the health of parents? If you want to help your parents, ask your ancestors spirits (your Kin) for support.

Learn more about your ancestors.

The most powerful prayer for the health of parents.

«May the sun shine bright over my family, may the path of my dear ones be illuminated. The Foremother and Forefather of my Kin give everyone good health and joy. Truly!»

Read 9 times.

Read the prayer at sunrise, take a red candle but not a religious one. As you can see, the most powerful prayer for the health of parents is not addressed to a religion and has no direct inquiry about parents.

Religions need your serving, and if you get the help, you will not feed the religious egregor with your energy, therefore, if you have ever prayed for the health of your parents you know the «efficiency» of religious prayer, as well as requests for health, we’ll talk about them too.

The prayer that I gave you, has a very quick, lightning result. But, remember, the health of your parents, as well as yours, is directly related to your ancestors spirits (the Kin). Learn more about your Kin and how to make it stronger. I will make it clear on the website «Vera» (the Faith).

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