Prayers for the Living-Beings

Prayer from witchcraft and sorcery

This prayer will help you protect yourself from being affected. Sorcerers attack through delusion, and
wizards can cause both disease and delusion.

It is necessary to read such a prayer from witchcraft and sorcery.

The night is approaching and covering by the Darkness, my Word protects me. The Word is strong, the
Word is a lock, nobody will enter the threshold. I forbid the evil, no matter where you come from, you will
not touch me, you will return to the one who sent you. Darkness is my Witness, Words are my anchor.

Say it 9 times.

This prayer from witchcraft and sorcery can rightfully be considered one of the most powerful.

Please note, in order to get out of slavery of religions, you can have Krashenie. This sacrament removes
all religious seals.

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  • maura
    13.01.2021 at 00:42

    This prayer gives strong protection from negative witchcraft! Thank you, Alena! I write down all the prayers in my note book and I’ll keep it for my children!