Prayer in times of trouble

It is very important to understand that trouble, disaster, as you know, does not come alone. You have probably heard the expression: «trouble does not come alone.»

Yes, the negative program named «trouble» does not like loneliness. It needs to cling to someone and drag the same «friends»(other troubles). To pray in times of trouble with religious prayers is not only useless, but also dangerous. Any religion requires suffering as an instrument of purifying the Soul, or saving it …

There are many versions, but the Truth is that when you suffer you release a lot of energy, which religions feed on. Trouble is precisely concerned with causing those very sufferings.

Therefore, reading religious prayers in times of trouble, you will not only fail to get rid of troubles, but also call for new ones.

So, here is a non-religious strong prayer in times of trouble.

Read the prayer by breathing out the window after each reading:

«With this I’m denying hard times, I’m renouncing times of trouble, I’m getting rid of troubles. Troubles, leave me alone, get out of my life. Go along the roads to those who call for you and sing songs for you. Get out!»

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