Prayers for the Living-Beings

Prayer to the Ancestors spirits for conception

In modern world, many couples face the problem of infertility. No matter how hard they try, the long-awaited conception never comes. It’s a well known fact that not only women can have health problems preventing from conception but also men. In most cases, families go to doctors or ask various healers and sorcerers to help them, paying much money for it. Today I’m sharing with you an effective prayer, which will help you to conceive easily without spending money on different kinds of assistance.

Light two red wax candles (not church candles) twisted together.


«Holy day, Holy night and my Word is Holy, for it is filled with the Light of Ra.
My Forefather and Foremother, lead and light the path of a child to the Family, because I wish to be a Mother (Father).
For the Glory of our Family. So mote it be!»

Read 9 times. Let the candles burn out.

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