Prayers for the Living-Beings

Prayer to the God

Surely it happens to everyone that in the most difficult moments in life and serious situations, no longer hoping for anything, a person turns to the Higher Forces for help. And then help comes as if from nowhere. Unsolvable problems are solved, a black stripe in life is changed into white, and life becomes much better in general.
Usually people turn to one and the same higher being — God.

Any prayer is an appeal to God. But let’s look who they are addressing to, those who are outside religion.

A human was created in the image and likeness.

The image is about God RAZ who is the initial Light, which gives the mind, and the likeness was created by those who was responsible for the material body.

We don’t know them, everyone has his own, that’s why we just call them Forefathers.

I will write about it in details later.
So, here is the prayer to the Forefathers:

«May my Forefathers be glorified, who created my Family in a Great Oven. This glorification is coming from me, It gives Strength to my Family, leads my ways to the wellbeing. To the Glory of my Family! Verily»

Say 12 times.

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