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Prayer to the Mother of God (Virgin)

November and December is the time of Darkness, that’s why it is a good time for prayers to the Virgin. Let me remind you that the Holly Mother is the Mother of RA, she is Mara and she is Mary. The Darkness is the Holly Mother (Virgin).

I also remind you that Mother and Darkness have the same letter code in Russian language (MAT’ (mother) and T’MA (darkness), take a good look at these two words. Therefore, I give you a prayer to the Mother of God, which means to the Darkness.

«Glory to the Mother of all being and non being, Glory to the Mother-Darkness, for the Light, born by You and fixed in the World.
May your Glory and Power give me Motherhood.Verily»

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As you see, this prayer is for those, who want to conceive a baby. The prayer for Motherhood is the most powerful and can make a miracle.

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