Prayers and their peculiarities

Molitva (prayer), Molvit’ (old Russian verb means «to whisper») molva (hearsay/whispering)…Feel the energy of these words. Is there a difference between two words: molvit’ (to whisper) and say?

Molvit’ means quietly weave the words into a text. Hearsay/whispering means spreading information. Hearsay can be either good or bad. Thus, we came up close to a prayer: a prayer is the gentle murmur of a speech, directed to somebody, it is not a demand, but a story, a request.

The sacred meaning of prayer is in your conversation with God. Why do we need prayers? Could you appeal to god with your own words, just say quietly your request?

No, prayers are words, living in a text in a certain sequence in order the vibration series of words plays a melody of prayer.

Today the word «prayer» is associated with religion, but it is not so. The sacred meaning of prayer is in appealing of a person to God, and not to religion. Yes, do not be surprised: prayer inside this or that religion is just appeal to exactly this egregore of the religion. Most of you do not know what is egregore. When three people are united with one thought, they form mini egregore, and when thousands of people believe in some god, they form egregore which needs feeding (energy). How to feed egregor? It is written inside when forming the egregore. For example, the Christian egregore is fed with sufferings. That’s why your every request in prayer to a religion gives you suffering.

Why does religion need prayer? It is necessary for building energetic channel for better feeding of the egregore.

You, probably, do not know about non religion prayers.

The sacred meaning of prayer in human life cannot be underestimated. Because it is a quiet conversation of a person with Ancestors, Gods… Stop, Are there many Gods? It’s like paganism!

Are the Chinese, the Jew and the Negro very similar to each other?
No? They do not look the same, do they? Then why are there questions about Gods?

Paganism is not a terrible, sinful union of people, but simply a folk belief.
Thus, let my tale about Gods not scare you. It is better to study carefully website «Vera» (Faith) then the puzzles in your head will easily come together.

Of course you could be like children (religion need it) or you can finally grow up, then you will understand why religion needs naive children. But this story is for another article.

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  • maura
    21.01.2020 at 11:28

    It is very important information, because you are the 1st who tell us about non religious prayers! They definitely have a great power, but it is important to know correct prayers! Thank you for giving them to us!

  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 14:00

    One lady said that she often responded to surveys from phone providers , etc., which are conducted to improve the quality of work, but in the end, as she noticed, nothing changes, and even gets worse. And then she asks why they conduct these surveys. Reading this article, I’ve realized that these surveys are based on the same principle — collecting the energy from people who spend their Time and verbal and emotional energy communicating with operators of a company. This is a banal energy collecting for the egregors of companies. Thank you for your knowledge and understanding of what is happening!