Prayers for pets

1. How to bury pets
2. Where do pets go when they die?
3. Prayers for pets

There are two types of prayers for pets.

They are, namely, prayer for pets’ health and prayer for dead pets, respectively.

In general, the question of how to bury a pet is very important.

In this article we’ll consider exactly how to bury pets and, actually, what prayers to read for dead pets.

In the next article, we will talk about prayers for pets ‘health.

Today we’ll consider the topic “Pets’ Death”.

How to bury pets

Everyone who reads this article understands what I mean. A pet is a family member and, therefore, a member of the Kin.

And neither a single bird nor a small animal comes to us for no reason. Pets are the Family Karma and their own Karma. It’s an extremely deep philosophical aspect. A pet let all family flows through himself. Diseases, quarrels, misunderstandings affect pets. More often than not, pets even take curses over. Therefore, a cat or dog burial is a farewell to a family member.

Naturally, pets should not be buried in a human cemetery, you’d better do it in the nearest forest. If you own a plot of land, then a grave can be made next to it. After all, your pet’s Spirit will protect you. I hope now it is clear how and where pets are buried. Say goodbye to your pet. He makes his transition into afterlife, and we’ll discuss it below.

Where do pets go when they die?

The subject of pet’s reincarnation is very relevant. I am often asked about what awaits pets afterlife. Yes, your pets will also reincarnate, and the law of reincarnation applies to them too. That’s why the Soul of your little pet requires help.

Prayer for Pets

Now I’ll share a prayer for pets with you.
As part of this article, I’ll give a prayer for a deceased pet.
Prayer for pets can be read in a whisper or aloud. The way your Soul feels.
Of course, I do not give a religious prayer, but a prayer of Faith.
Recall your little animal or bird, call it to remembrance very clear and then read:

«Thank you (nickname) for the fun and joy that entered my home with you. I thank you for the love and trust, and I let you go (nickname) with warmth and love, so that you could reborn in a nice place, and in kindness. Truly»

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Let your pets bring joy and live happily ever after, but leave sweet memories when passed away.

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