Amulet «Faith» (Silver)




There are such objects which can accumulate positive energy and they can be used for positive influence on human life. Such objects are called Amulets. Bright example of such amulet is Amulet «Faith» (VERA in Russian language). It is made of silver. It is believed that this metal carries not defiled pristine beauty. Silver is credited with the property of making everything holly what it touches. And silver contributes to the spiritual growth of person. In addition, silver easily absorbs energy and information, making it ideal for creating amulets.

We can see the Image of Faith in the amulet. Vera (Faith) is the knowledge of RA, knowledge of planets, that is, understanding and perception of vitally important energy currents. These currents emanate from the planets and interacting with the Earth’s Force, give Force to a person that allows him to act.

And RA is the light of the Sun. We see the image of the Sun in the amulet, which gives us the light, illuminates our life ways, enables us to LIVE and Rejoice («RAdovat’sya» in Russian language) (but not suffer).

This amulet will let you to get knowledges, which will let you start Living, but not exist. And Life is the most important gift received by people. And it is exactly Faith that brings people back to Life, teaches us how to perceive energy and distribute it throughout the body.

By purchasing this amulet, you will get new energy, feel new vibrations. Your live will shine with all colours of the rainbow. You will open completely different doors. New opportunities and ways of their implementation will be opened to you.


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