Pendant «Faith» (Copper)




Your attention is invited to the pendant «Vera» (Faith) made of copper. Why exactly copper? Copper is a metal of peace, tranquility, reconciliation, and natural justice. This metal is able to reveal and clarify the feelings of a person, and then stabilize, adjust and make them permanent. Copper relieves stress and tense, helps to balance the senses. It is quite often used for making magic objects. It is perfect for making of the pendant «Vera». Let’s see what is pictured in the pendant: the front side of the pendant is the Light of the Sun, going into four sides, and the back side has the inscription «Light my way». Thus, while wearing this pendant, the Light will light your ways.

Now let’s see step by step. So, we all know that Light is the primary energy of RA. The knowledge of Light is called Vera (Faith). And Vera (Faith) is the LIFE. Thus, retrieving Faith, we will retrieve Life. It’s easy. The main thing is not to identify VERA (Faith) with religions. There are a lot of religions, but VERA (Faith) is the only one. Faith enables people to receive light currents, pass them through themselves into the Earth, and in return, the Earth gives people Zhiva (energy for living). Faith is not the teaching of some god. Faith is the given to people energy perception for living. Faith gives people the opportunity to receive energies in full value, brings both physical and mental health to a person, returns them to Life.

Not knowing Vera (Faith) it is not possible to Live! What is Life? It is the main gift. The main thing is that retrieving Faith, you will give birth to healthy children and strengthen your Famileis. You will feel what is Joy (RAdost’ means «to give RA» in Russian language)

By purchasing the pendant “Faith”, you’ll light your life way, moving to joy and well-being.


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