Prayers for the Living-Beings

Protective prayer

I gave away various protective prayers, and I will also give away this one. A strong prayer that not only protects, but guides along the right paths. Light a non-church candle and read.

«I read protective words, I understand the Power of those words. It is burning with Flames, lighted up with Fire, the protective Power which is called (say what is the name of it). Truly»

Read 9 times.

What is the name of it? Ah, it depends on for whom you read. If you start reading on your brother, then sister’s, if on children, then mother’s, and if on your husband, then wife’s. Men can also read, according to the same principle. It is impossible to pray for older sisters and brothers, as well as for parents. Only for the younger ones. But for husband or wife, even if older, you can pray.

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