Wheel of Time


The 7th of May is the day of Radonitsa. This folk tradition goes back to ancient times, when people observed the Light warming the Earth and the flows of Ra gave them joy. People having been filled with this Light could pass it to their family and ancestors spirits (the Kin).

Radonitsa is the holiday of filling with joy ([radost’] in Russian) of the whole Kin. But according to my feelings, as I know the essence and vibration of words, I hear not ‘RadOnitsa’, but ‘RadUnitsa’. It is in the name ‘RadUnitsa’ that the letters live in harmony, and the essence is complete.

On this day tables were laid for festive dinner and the whole family gathered together at the table, they used to sing songs about joy in the family and in the whole Kin. Later, unfortunately, such a strong rite was replaced by drinking alcohol and singing of drinking songs.

Here below I share with you the variants of treats for the festive dinner on such a day:

Honey, pancakes, sweet pies, cheesecakes, rice with dried fruits, millet. May is a bridge from spring to summer, and it brings changes in the course of the Wheel of Time. To make changes for the better, you should fill your family and the Kin with joy.

In addition to the festive dinner, you can read traditional calls for joy. I draw your attention to the fact that these calls for joy are given for the first time here and if you copy them in other sources, indicate the authorship.

«Bright Sun shines in the sky! Bright Sun, we are your children, fill us with the joy of sunshine, our family will be warmed by your warm light. Let your warm and joy fill the whole Kin for we live a wealthy and happy life. Verily!»

Read 12 times.

«We gathered together at one table to talk about joy. From our ancestors to our descendants, the kin is filled with Light, our every wish will come true. I’m telling you today on Radunitsa day, that I am a mother, creating harmony in the family, so that we live joyfully and sweetly in wealth. A good honor to our ancestors, a good honor to our descendants, and for that we now eat the treats and glorify the Kin. Verily!»

Also recite 12 times.

True-Faith Mother, Alena Polyn

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