Raising children

Today I decided to start with you on the topic of raising children. Being a psychologist and a Gestalt therapist, I could have simply told you in a very dry way what psychologists are teaching their clients; but I won’t do that. In this article, I would like to reveal to you the nourishment for your Child’s Soul.

Let’s begin with the most basic Truths.

Keep your children out of the competition if possible. If, however, there is some form of competition in the educational institution and your child will be evaluated and compared to other children, then either try to bypass this, or explain to your child that he or she is a unique Soul, and therefore no one is there to judge it. A child should not become upset by a loss, because he/she plays their own unique game, setting up its rules and much more. We will talk about this later.

Approaching her child, a mother should always affirm by saying: «You can do anything.» Explain to your child that he or she is a God and a creator. He or she creates their own World. Provide examples such as: “You dressed the doll, you baked the cake” and so on.

But you need to know that it is possible to ennoble and elevate the essence of a person, but you cannot change it. This means that your child has come into this World with a certain essence which you can improve but not change.

Next, you need to specify the sequence of attraction. In other words, to pay your child’s attention to that which is more important, while obscuring that which is unnecessary and unimportant. For such a method yields greater results than a prohibition does. The education of psychic energy is a very important phase. A stable psyche which can recover fast will enable a person tomake the right and reasonable decisions. Here, you need to become a proper example for your child. If someone you know is psychologically unbalanced, do not pretend that you do not see this, instead show and explain this to your child.

Another important route is the art of thinking. After reading a fairy-tale, it is necessary to talk with your child about the heroes and their qualities, what are the best ways for these heroes to proceed, and so on and so forth. High morals and spirituality are formed from qualities. Habits, in turn, add up into qualities. And the laws of being can be expounded in the form of stories.

Please remember! If the thought of your child deviates from the Sacred purpose of being a human, then the meaning of their being will dry up, and you will end up seeing an insecure, embittered teenager.

There is only one meaning in being a human — employing the body to perceive matter and its structure, and having gained this experience, grow the Soul to the next level. The child, therefore, should know that there is a Soul in his or her body, this Soul is God and it is almighty; and the child will learn a lot while taking care of the body (the Temple of the Soul)and the Soul (by learning about the surrounding World), and eventually enrich the World with their own creativity. Be sure to help your child create!

This was a short summary for you today; in my next publications, I will continue the topic of educating and raising children. If it is interesting to you, then please leave your questions under this article, and make repost of this article to your social networks.

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