Ramadan or Ramazan

From the end of April, Muslims begin fasting, the month is called Ramadan in Arabic or Ramazan in Turkish. As you can see, the words are very similar, and the fast is quite unusual. It involves abstinence from food during daylight. In Muslim regions of Russia fasting is called Uraz. Those who have returned to the Faith understand what I am talking about, but Muslims should be explained.

Clearly, the Prophet Muhammad prudently borrowed from the Faith the most important notions and adopted them to religion and no questions could appear about it. As far as religion, built on the roots of Faith, began to grow due to the energy of people who believed that they worshiped the Almighty, and named him Allah, but who knew the Name of the Almighty.
And he knew! Here is fasting in the name of Raz, being with Raz (the God of Light) and to fast in his honor, that is, to make a certain obligation, and to apply to him with pray to sanctify upcoming year.
Therefore, fasting should be held during daylight hours. And the very name of God explains everything. Let’s return to Ramadan or Ramazan.

‘Ra’ — means flows of light that provide the matter and only the blind could not see it! Muslims are not blind, of course, so the name was not changed for them and religion have grown together with the Faith.

Uraza Bayram is feast of the end of fasting, everything is clear with Uraz, so what about Bairam and end of fasting?

Bayram — ‘bay’, it is still quite difficult for you to understand, but it is about the union of the Gods’ energy, ‘Ra’ – means light flows which are embodied in the matter.’Razgoretsya’ (to flame up in Russain) – means movement of Raz (the Initial God of Light).

Thus, Muslims unconsciously dedicate fasting, as the vow of Ra, to important events, as they consider.

They stay awake for the last nights of fasting and everyone is waiting for the Night of Decree (Laylat al-Qadr) or the Night of Power these names are taken from the ancient magic of Egypt because the first Sutra of the Qur’an was sent to the Prophet Muhammad at night. And now attention!

‘Qur’an’ means the book which leads to Ra, i.e this name is also borrowed. Where do you think this borrowing came from? From the ancient magic of Egypt and Muhammad himself surely not only received and recorded the messages, but compared them with already existing knowledges, and consulting with his wife (he couldn’t do without her money and her intelligence), created a religion. Thus, on the basis of the Faith another religion was built — Islam, which guides and controls people, as well as other religions, built on the Faith.

By the way, Ramadan derives from ‘Ramda’- the scorching heat, so we are talking about the same thing again (Ra).

As you can see, a word dropped from a song makes it all wrong, and whatever Muslims say their religion is also built on the knowledge about the Faith (knowledge of Ra), where the main and vitally important things were covered by religion and became the means of enslavement.

My task is not to condemn Islam or any other religion, but to give people the opportunity to see and hear the Faith.

There are many religions, but the Faith is the only one and Life is in the Faith, not in sacrifices and murders.

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