Reflection on Faith

To start with, let’s have a look at the word «reflection». In Russian, reflection is «размышление», it consists of two stems: «раз» ([raz]) and «мышление» ([myshleniye]).

«Раз» (Raz) is the primordial God as energy. «Мышление» (Engl. thinking) is a cycle of thoughts that leads to a certain conclusion. It turns out that our thoughts move thus allowing us to reflect («размышлять» [RAZmyshlyat]) thanks to the energy of Raz.

That’s it!

That is why insane people are unable to reflect. People who do not possess the reasonable mind are unable to reflect too. In search for the God, they are caught in the networks of certain systems and, without thinking, agree with what is given to them.

Reflection is a necessity, the vital activity of the reasonable mind.

Reflections fixed on paper often make up a book and, in such a way, when reading a book, we talk to a person whom we even do not know. Sharing reflections with the family members, while sitting together at the table, makes up a hearty talk. While reflecting with yourself, being in a state of harmony with the world, you make discoveries.

How often do you afford to reflect?

True-Faith Mother, Alena Polyn

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2 комментария

  • maura
    22.02.2020 at 22:47

    Reflection is one of the peculiarities and important abitlities of our mind. Alas, the current system of managment by people is not interested in reasonable people, capable of reflection. Thank you for reminding us about this important ability!

  • smile
    12.04.2020 at 10:11

    I was talking to a friend the other day. She talked about inappropriate actions of people in certain situations, and then often voiced the question «What do these people think about?» or «How do they reflect?» Here is the answer to these questions in your article. The main mass of people is not able to think or reflect at all. People tend to judge by themselves, based on the concepts and principles that they operate in life.
    Dear Alyona! Your articles help me a lot when I talk about Faith with people. You provide information little by little and as accessible as possible. Thank You!